Manual Therapy, Movement Lifestyle as Medicine


Getting it Right: The Next 5 Years

Health is much more than physically being able to run a mile in under 10 min or fitting into your skinny jeans. Having a purpose and a plan for your future can bring enormous satisfaction and motivation to your daily life. Knowing where you are and where you are going...

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What the Heck is Unwinding?!

Unwinding allows a person to access these events which were previously forgotten, and undo the physical tensions associated with carrying those traumas throughout the years. It is a form of inner resynthesis, reverse engineering long held fascial restrictions, which release improper postural responses, and bring forgotten events to the surface.

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The Myofascial Treatment Triad

Structural Work Younger was an extreme case. After dropping nearly 15 pounds and finding herself with bad skin, next to no energy and no longer having a period, Younger confided in a friend who was recovering from an eating disorder—and realized she had one of her...

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