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Booking an Appointment

Appointments can be requested below in the online booking section or via phone and email.  Please note: when booking online, a confirmation is required before appointment time is set.

It's my first appointment, what can I expect?

Try and show up a few minutes early to fill out paperwork, or download the new client form and fill it out before you arrive.  The therapist will go over your medical forms and concerns with you and then perform any necessary postural analysis. Depending on the mix of treatments you will be completing, you may begin on the treatment table or perform a variety of exercises within the treatment room or out in the gym facility.

All manual therapies are gentle and will not bruise.  It is important to note that this is not massage.  Client & therapist act in partnership during treatment, the client giving feedback to the therapist's manual work. Therapy sessions require active participation from the client, so while they definitely contribute to relaxation, it is more accurate to view the work as corrective therapy.


Myofascial release works best when skin-to-skin contact is possible. The ideal outfit for treatment sessions is athletic shorts & a sports bra for women. A tshirt or top to layer for exercise is helpful to remain warm and comfortable.  Treatment can include a variety of  lying, sitting, and standing postures, so it is easiest to wear something that you feel comfortable moving around the treatment table or room in.  It is also perfectly acceptable to get comfortable within the sheets as if you were in a massage treatment.  Treatment will be re-structured as necessary.   Your personal needs are always taken into account, and work can be adjusted to meet a wide variety of postural and movement abilities.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Cash, credit, and check are acceptable forms of payment.  Full payment is due at time of service delivery.  Insurance is not currently accepted.

24 hours notice is required for appointment cancellation to avoid a 50% cancellation fee.

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